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Maison Jardin  

About us

We bought our French home in 2006 and spent the next couple of years renovating it. For the first year we were still living in the UK and found it difficult to keep on top of artisans and our project on schedule. Without realising it at the time, we were building an invaluable knowledge of the French culture and a solid network of trusted artisans, as well as new practical skills.


Once our home was habitable, we moved to France and decided to use our skills and knowledge to help others avoid the pitfalls we had experienced during our purchase and renovation. We joined a well-known Property Management franchise and built a successful business working with our clients depending on their unique, individual needs.


As our business developed, we found a growing need for swimming pool specific work, something we struggled to service with our contacts. It seemed a perfect opportunity for Eamonn to focus on that business, hence his business, Piscine SOS, was created.


After leaving the franchise, Christa has continued with the Property Management side of the business, striving to build on our values and deliver a professional and reliable service tailored to the needs of our clients.

Christa DOODY

I started my working life in hotel housekeeping, before pursuing a career in accounting. I enjoyed both types of work, but once we bought our French home, it felt like the right time for a change of direction. I enjoy nothing more than growing my own veg, treasure hunting at brocantes and upcycling furniture.